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Enjoy our dumplings,

in 3 Delicious ways


  1. Put about 2 liters cold water in a pot, then place the frozen dumplings in one by one.

  2. Turn heat to medium-high.

  3. Stir the dumplings or add a little salt or oil in the water so the dumplings do not stick to bottom or each other.

  4. Cover with lid and wait till the water is boiled.

  5. Put away the lid, add half a cup cold water and wait for the water to boil again; add another half cup of water and wait for water to boil the 3rd time.

  6. Ready to serve!

Pfanne Braten

Pan Frying

  1. Spread a little oil on a non-stick pan, place the frozen dumplings flat side down.

  2. Set heat to medium.

  3. Add cold water until the dumplings are 1/2 covered (Tip: Add a little flour into the cold water for more crust at the bottom).

  4. Cover the pan with a lid and wait for approx. 10min.

  5. Then remove the cover and let the steam continue to evaporate until the crust at bottom is dry.

  6. Loosen the crust until the whole dumplings can be shifted together.

  7. Flip on a plate.

  8. Ready to serve!



  1. Put cold water in the bottom pot.

  2. Oil the steamer trays.

  3. Place dumplings in the tray and close the lid.

  4. Turn heat medium to high.

  5. Put for approx 15-20min.

  6. Ready to serve!

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